Indiana DSP

Driver Safety Program

Indiana State law requires that drivers who are convicted of 2 or more traffic violations within a 12 month period must complete a Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) approved Driver Safety Program. This program is commonly referred to as defensive driving course. Individuals under the age of 18 must complete the program if they have been involved in 2 or more accidents, have been convicted of 2 or more traffic offenses, or have been convicted of 1 violation and been involved in 1 accident. After the BMV receives notice of these accidents or violations, they will require the driver to successfully complete a defensive driving course within 90 days. If the BMV has not been notified of the driver’s completion by an approved course provider, the driver will have their driving privileges suspended.

The Indiana BMV has permitted a wide range of DSP courses. The program is offered in various forms of study that include classrooms, DVDs, and online courses. All of the approved course providers have met the course curriculum requirements set forth by the state and are at least 4 hours long.

Drivers who are required to participate in the program as a result of violations and or accidents will be notified directly by the BMV. After successful completion of the program, the course provider will electronically notify the bureau and the 4 point credit will be applied to the driver’s record. Drivers are only eligible to receive the 4 point credit once every 3 years.

It is important to remember that drivers will only receive the 4 point credit if they complete an APPROVED Indiana Driver Safety Program. Although an approved course is required to obtain the point credit, the court may allow a driver to complete a course that is not approved by the BMV when participation in the course is to avoid the suspension of their driving privileges.

The Driver Safety Program is offered in a variety of formats:
• Classroom instruction
• Home study by video and DVD
• Home study online text-based course
• Home study online video course

The online video course is by far the easiest way to complete the program. Although the video course is slightly more expensive (about $5) it is quickly becoming the most popular way to complete the program. The program is designed to help a driver improve their driving skills and learn about defensive driving. It is not designed to teach an individual how to drive. An additional benefit to the course is that some insurance carriers will provide a driver a discount on their insurance for successful completion of the program. Make sure you check with your insurance provider to see if you qualify for the discount.

Why Driver Safety is Important

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to driving. For many, mainly teenagers, driving is their ticket to freedom and they too frequently fail to comprehend the responsibility of operating a motorized vehicle. What we are attempting to do here is highlight the responsibilities of driving along with providing some defensive driving tips that can be found in an online 6 hour course.

Driving a car can be exhilarating. Studies have shown that simply getting behind the wheel of a car can cause a person heart rate to increase. Many people, especially in the United States, view driving as more than a form of transportation but also as a form of enjoyment. There are few things that the average person can do that feels as liberating as driving there car down an open road, wind in there hair, radio playing, and leaving all of your troubles behind. It is critical to remember that while you are experiencing this sensation of liberation, you are also operating several thousand tons of machinery at a high rate of speed. Failure to maintain your objective of arriving at your destination safely can lead to disastrous circumstances.

As we age our driving skills improve. Obviously we gain experience with all of the miles we accumulate behind the wheel but we also mature as we realize our obligations to our family. Most adults realize that their families depend on them. Mothers and fathers understand that driving their vehicle safely is important because their children are the most precious cargo that they will every carry. The most important thing to them is that their children arrive at the destination unharmed. Adults also realize that the consequences of a law suit as a result of a car accident can be devastating on a family. Mothers and fathers, even when they are in the car alone, subconsciously know that they must not be harmed because their children depend on them and need them in their lives.

New drivers, specifically teen drivers are not aware of how valuable their lives are and how the results of their actions can impact their families. Below is a video of a car accident that took place several weeks ago in New York.

Since the time of the above news report, the fifth teenager in the vehicle has passed away. According to some reports, the teen operating the vehicle was racing with another vehicle. The teen driving the vehicle is guilty of doing what so many other teenagers are guilty of at that is simply being a teenager. They fail to understand how their actions can have such devastating results on those in the car, other drivers, and the grief that their families will endure for the rest of their lives. As I type this I realize that ther are absolutely no words that I could use to express the tragic loss that these families have suffered. It is so important that we try to explain to our young adults that they are an essential part to their families and just as children depend on their parents, parents depend on their children. As any parent knows, the most important thing in their life is their children.

I want to sum up with some defensive driving tips. The first thing I recommend is taking an online 6 hour course. These courses are easy to attend and are filled with information. In states like New York, there are multiple courses that have been approved by the DMV and even provide and insurance discount for those who take it. Aside from the course, focus on the task at hand. “Good drivers just drive.” Be alert to your surroundings. Reduce your speed when road conditions are poor. The most import thing I want to stress is human life has value. Just remember that your life is important and the lives of others are important.

Adult Drivers Education

Aging has an affect on our body and our mind. It even affects our ability to do some basic, everyday tasks. And when it gets to more complex operations, like driving, things become even more complicated. That is especially relevant for traffic in these modern times, with multiple lanes, traffic congestion, distracted drivers (due to the use of cell phones and other gadgets), road rage, and so on. Changes are drastic, and many older drives are not fully aware either of these changes, or their declining physical and mental abilities as drivers.

There are many educational adult drivers education programs which help mature drivers raise their awareness about these changes, or even provide additional training in order for them to learn how to compensate for their declining abilities. There are a lot of driver refresher courses which can reinforce driving skills. Some of them are not exclusively designed for mature drivers, but for all adult drives who want to learn about new traffic laws, roadway designs, and driving techniques, such as Defensive Driving.

Some educational tools are designed in such a way to provide older drivers an opportunity to make a self-assessment of their abilities as drivers. That alone could help them raise the level of self-awareness. While these self-evaluation tools can be helpful, they cannot sufficiently provide a clear picture of the situation, since external influences are not accounted for. Better way to discover unknown facts about your abilities as driver is simply to consult your family members, or closest friends. They can provide you with some valuable insight by identifying particular details of your performance as a driver. Provided that person being evaluated is not overtly defensive about his/her abilities, this assessment can help target a specific reduction of certain abilities which need improvement. This has to be followed by some type of educational program which will focus on particular skills or some valuable compensating techniques. There are some adult driving courses which provide both, individual assessment of every candidate and targeted training.

As much as it is important to engage in one of the courses designed for adult or mature drivers, it is at least that much important to raise the overall levels of physical and mental fitness. Physical exercise can help improve one’s motion, vehicle handling and reflexes. It is a well-known fact that cognitive functions have to be maintained through mental training, otherwise person will experience significant decline of mental abilities with aging. Some of the best adult drivers education courses are available online.

There is little evidence which can support the claim that education of older drivers reduces the rates of car accidents. At this point it is hard to say if these types of education can provide functional help to adult and mature drivers, or can even make some further damage by instilling too much confidence in them. It cannot be known because most of these educations are voluntary, and we may never know whether those who attend additional driving courses have been good or bad drivers before they enrolled on one of them.

Texas Defensive Driving Courses

How an Online Texas Defensive Driving Course can Result in Ticket Dismissal

Course material for defensive driving courses offered in Texas can now easily be accessed online. Previously, individuals who wanted to obtain certification for defensive driving courses could only apply through a facility with classrooms. They would then need to book a date that would suite their schedule, the whole process proved to be inconvenient and cumbersome for many people.

The TEA (Texas Education Agency) noticed and approved the need for defensive driving lessons that can be taken online. This convenient method has resulted in an increase in defensive drivers who have successfully completed the online course and received certification.

There are various benefits relating to the defensive driving courses offered online. One of these important benefits includes a way to obtain Texas ticket dismissal. Other reasons for the training include the following:

1. Texas ticket dismissal, individuals who receive a type of moving violation can have the ticket dismissed once they have successfully completed defensive driving training.

2. Point reduction, individuals who have points from traffic infractions on their license may find a way to reduce some or all of these points. They will need to produce certificates on defensive driving.

3. Court order, many judges today order that violators will be required to attend defensive driving schools as part of their sentence.

4. Employment, some job applications will require the candidate to drive as part of the job. Employers may request that the candidate will have to complete a defensive driving course before employment commences or at the start of employment.

5. Insurance benefits, certain insurance providers in the auto industries offer discounts on the current or new insurance premium if the policyholder can produce proof of certification for defensive driving.

6. Progressive driver training, many individuals today are aware of the need to drive safer. They take defensive driving training to improve on driving skills and techniques taught in the training. The training provides a way for older drivers to brush up on the latest types of laws and requirements involved on the road today.

Individuals who require Texas ticket dismissal, can now benefit from online programs offered by many providers. The convenient web based training allows individuals to learn and complete the course at their own pace. The online option in defensive driving has opened up opportunities in obtaining certification in defensive driving at a convenient and faster pace.

The providers offer the training material and the final exam for individuals to complete the course from the comfort of their own homes. The verification system allows users to supply and prove their identification without the need in finding a testing center. Once the final exam is passed the student can receive their certificate by mail.

The convenience factors of online courses has related into more and more students who now actively choose to complete this important training. Defensive drivers can result in safer environments on the roads, with fewer accidents caused from negligence or careless road acts.